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Pipeline Endoscope
Pipeline Endoscopes can be used in many complex environments. They can tolerate high temperature and detect the internal pipeline problems. The pipeline industry needs these inspection solutions for the qualitative testing of all pipes.
Hardness Tester
Hardness Testers are applicable for testing the hardness of several materials and metals. Accuracy and speed of the testing instruments make them highly beneficial to use. We deliver these testers to our patrons at affordable rates.
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors are accessible with advanced portability, consistent use and instant results. They can detect the surface as well as subsurface faults. For the right use, only limited access is needed.
Wire Rope Inspection System
Wire Rope Inspection Systems are functional as functional as the safety-critical components. They are extensively suited for many industries, such as tourist cable cars, mining, industrial production, metallurgy, elevators and shipyard. 
Magnetic Particle Detector
Magnetic Particle Detectors are accessible with the innovative method of nondestructive analysis. They can detect the flaws in ferromagnetic materials and are utilized for detecting the pores as well as cracks in welds.
Non Destructive Testing Services
Non-destructive testing Services are accessible with safe and steady way of examining components. They are cost effective and make small to no disturbance to workers or to system. These testing solutions are lucrative damage enough for their anticipated application. 
Inspection Camera
Our company, Pro Engineers, is acknowledged in the market for offering an Inspection Camera range that helps the customers to inspect their pipelines and repair the damages without any hassles.
Thickness Gauge
The area of the depression in this Thickness Gauge range is electronically determined by detecting the shift in the frequency of an ultrasonic signal. Besides, the listed products employ the standard method operate in a unique manner. 
Coating Thickness Gauging
While the test indentation size of our Coating Thickness Gauging is connected to the material's hardness, it is measured indirectly via the energy loss of an impact body. A mass is accelerated to the surface of the test item and impinges. 

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